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About Endermologie: What Is It?

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Are you frustrated with cellulite? Don't understand the causes of cellulite? The Endermologie® experience is a comprehensive, non-surgical approach which uses a patented technique proven safe and effective. Endermologie® stimulates local blood circulation with deep, soothing motions that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This patented technique, developed in France over twenty years ago, efficiently produces results using a non-invasive method applied through a course of weekly sessions. Endermologie ® enhances skin condition and helps combat fatty deposits that cause cellulite.

Approximately 90% of women over 20 have cellulite-- even celebrities and models. However, it IS treatable! The culprits are weight fluctuation, genetic predisposition, circulatory problems and inevitable hormone changes throughout life. These factors cause the fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer to increase up and stick together inside the pockets in which they are enclosed. The pocket is stretched upward while the fibers in-between the pockets shrink and pull down. Circulation is inhibited, toxins and water are trapped, and cellulite is the result.

Endermologie® promotes circulation and the restorastion of collagen function. This allows toxins and abnormal water buildup to be expelled as the connective fibers are stretched. The result is a smoother, more contoured body. This is not the same "abnormal water build up" that many women experience with PMS or the kind that can be flushed out of the system using a water pill -- it is "abnormal" becuase it is trapped in the connective fibers and continues to build unless released by endermologie and small dietary changes.

Step 1: Pressure on the trigger starts simultaneous rotation of motorized rollers and aspiration. The rollers come together or apart in relation to the parameters of treatment selected and the quality of skin encountered. Step 2: Aspiration make a cutaneous skin fold while roller A rolls this fold and roller B unrolls it. Step 3: The motorized head is moved automatically by the roller rotation, forwards, backwards or transversely. Step 4: The repetition of these maneuvers unclogs and disorganizes adipose tissue. Throughout the course of these sessions and the progression of the treatment the rollers adapt, allowing them to reach increasingly deeper layers.

Clinically, the effectiveness of Endermologie® lies in its action upon cutaneous and subcutaneous structures such as connective tissues, fatty tissues, as well as vascular and lymphatic circulation. The dermis and hypodermis connective tissue becomes mobilized with the first few maneuvers. The combined action of the motorized rollers that successfully fold and unfold the skin and the maneuvers cause the density of the tissue to change, improving cellular and fluid exchanges. The use of negative pressure stimulates local blood circulation which immediately results in an influx of blood along with its nourishing elements.