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Z.E.N. Foods

Fuel your body with healthy nutrition, with Zero Effort! Z.E.N. Foods (Zero Effort Nutrition) delivers calorie-controlled, freshly prepared meals to your doorstep daily. Nutritious and delicious!

Best of all, Body Care Professional Clients can a get one of the limited time special offers below to try it out:

Buy 20 days with
Z.E.N. Foods and receive
3 FREE days

Approximately $160 value

Buy 31 days with
Z.E.N. Foods and receive
5 FREE days

Approximately $265 value

Standard program is $52.95/day, with free deliver yin LA and surrounding areas

The Z.E.N. meal program can be tailored to individual needs, whether it's for weight loss, pre-surgery preparation or post-surgery recovery. It's like having your own personal chef and nutritionist. Learn more at

Post-Surgical Products: Lipo in a Box Shapewear

You might have seen their shapewear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, QVC or The TODAY Show. LIPO in a BOX is our absolute favorite shapewear out there due to the attention to quality and most of all, COMFORT.

For specials, visit or call 1-866-Lipo-Box (1-866-547-6269) and tell them Body Care Professionals (Pamela Lee) referred you.

Post-Surgical Products: Make Me Heal

We recommend only products we consider essential to post-surgical healing after aesthetic procedures, and have used ourselves. For specific product recommendations for your procedure, please call Pamela at (818) 489-3532. Some of the most popular products are available in our Make Me Heal Store, categorized by procedure.