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Dear Pamela,
Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my "Big Day" the past few months. I feel like you have been part Therapist/Endermologist/Mom! I can't thank you enough for making yourself available at odd hours, and coming in on your days off to help me whittle my figure down, so that I would look perfect in my wedding dress. I just want to say, the endermologie may have worked TOO well...the shoes I bought to wear under my wedding dress were a half size too big!
-Rebecca, Bride

Pamela and Torie seriously made me see my body in a completely different light. As a model, I'm hyper aware of my body. Endermologie took those little unflattering details and put them through a real life photoshop! Few technicians know how to achieve THESE results. It has been apart of my routine for about a year now and after living in several different cities and trying endo almost everywhere, I now know that Pamela and Torie are the best in the business. Of course, dieting and exercise are a must (there's no magic wand yet) but when combined with non-invasive Endo, the results make anyone want to walk around in a bikini CONSTANTLY!
- Bianca, Model

I first began seeing Pamela for endermologie treatments in 2007. I was modeling at the time and had to maintain a perfect figure year round. I found that diet and exercise could only do so much. After my first few treatments I noticed such a difference in my lower body, the smoothness of my skin, and the loss of extra water weight that I decided to incorporate endermologie into my beauty regimen. Pamela is the most knowledgable and trained endermologie technician I have ever worked with. She is a consummate professional. I am so grateful to have found her! I’ve been receiving endermologie treatments from Pamela for the last 6 years and I hope to continue for many more!
- Rebecca Williams, Model

Excellent service! My body literally has had a 1-2 inch change all over after treatment. It is an AWESOME way to "flush out" toxins and only way to achieve a massage for your lymph nodes. It really helps smooth out skin, water retention, reduce cellulite and slims my appearance!

This is great to do for a detox, post surgery, before a photoshoot or before athlete competitions. I highly recommend it! I post before/after pictures on my social networks. Call Pamela and consult with her today. She is the best!
-Janelle T.

To describe Pamela’s endermologie treatments as magic would be an understatement. Before meeting Pamela, if someone told me that an un-retouched picture of me wearing a bikini would be printed in a magazine, I wouldn’t have believed it. When Pamela asked me to be her spokesmodel, I was thrilled at the prospect of introducing this amazing program to other women. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and Pamela’s treatments are one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Sara Barrett is an actress who has appeared on TV’s Unsolved Mysteries and Infamous. She starred in the independent films Love and War 2 and Little Black Boot. Barrett has done extensive catalog and magazine modeling, as well as posed for many artists; including appearing on the Magic Cards Defiling Tears and Fearie Squadron.
-Sara Barrett, Actress/Model

I have been working with Pamela for the last months or so..I have to say, what an amazing expert she is and does such an amazing job..the lipo massage she does, really got me into a much better shape..I feel more confident in myself since I am with people all the time in my professions.. I am more toned, my skin feels tighter, I feel like my blood circulation has gotten better, my body has been detoxing and I feel so fresh and clean.. On top of that, Pamela is an incredible person,very loving and caring..she takes a great and personal care of you, and inspire you in all the aspects of your life.
- Angelina Zdorovytskay, Professional Tennis Player and Instructor

Wearing swimsuits in front of the camera year-round means staying in tip top shape constantly. Diet and exercise have been a part of my life for years, but endermologie combined with drinking lots of water has made a real difference in my body tone. Pamela is amazing and has taught me so much about sodium and toxins. The results are amazing and now I'm addicted to endermologie.

Nikki recently appeared on the cover of Playboy and also Fitness Magazine. In the past, she has also appeared on the cover of many swimsuit and fashion catalogs such as Venus Swimwear, Fredricks of Hollywood and Carabella. She's been featured in numerous magazines like F.H.M., Playboy, In Style, and Muscle and Fitness. She's also guest starred on shows like Beverly Hills 90210, The Love Boat, V.I.P., and has been featured on Access Hollywood, Howard Stern and Entertainment Tonight.
-Nikki Schieler Ziering, Actress/Swimsuit Model

I couldn't have done [playboy] without you! I love endermologie!

- Leeann Tweeden
Playboy Cover, December 2011 issue

Testimonials on Cellulite & Contouring Program, Page 1 2 3 4
Testimonials on Post-Lipo Program, Page

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