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I was introduced to Pamela Lee by a mutual friend, and I’m so glad I was! Not only is she caring, and knowledgeable person, she shares with you her past experiences to help you with your life. I look forward to my Endermologie treatments with her, knowing the I’m going to go away feeling and looking better than ever. Pamela is the best!
- Leeann Tweeden, TV Personality - "Best Damn Sports Show Period"
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I've used various endermologists in the past, and I can truly say that Pamela Lee is by FAR the best! Her technique maximizes results, which is important when your career depends on it. I was also trained to become a certified endermologist and know what it takes to produce results-- Pamela does it right. Pamela is supportive and really takes the time with each client.
- Tiffany Richardson, Professional Model
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I'm Natalie Raitano and star on the syndicated TV show V.I.P. If you've ever watched the show then you know V.I.P. is about looking great in the tightest, tiniest bits of clothing. I would cringe when faced with mini-skirts or shorts. Therefore, I made sure they kept me in jeans or pants – anything to cover my legs. I’ve always had a complex about my butt and thighs, which over the years have collected some very unwanted cellulite. I hadn’t worn shorts in years. If I went to the beach I always wore a cover-up or sarong.

Getting rid of the cellulite has always been a battle for me; I’ve tried everything. I had even found myself contemplating liposuction until a friend told me about Endermologie. I’d heard about it for years but never given it a try. My friend referred me to Dr. Ellenbogen’s office where I met Pamela Lee. Pamela put me on a program of 16 sessions accompanied by regular workouts, a healthy, low sodium diet and lots of water (three 1.5 L bottles/day).

After only 6 sessions I saw amazing results and now at 13 sessions I’ve lost 3 inches off my hips and my thighs and bootie are so much smoother. I must confess it was tough sticking to the diet part; I’m 100% Italian and I love, love love eating! But I did walk 4 miles 4-5x/week and was religious about drinking the water she recommended.

I feel so much better about myself and my body. In fact, I just got back from Mexico and wore a thong bikini for the first time in my life! I am so thankful to Pamela Lee because without all of her expert knowledge plus encouragement and TLC, I would not have reached my goal. I recommend Endermologie to anyone who wants to finally get rid of those unwanted inches and yucky cellulite. It’s worth absolutely every penny. Thank you Pamela!
-Natalie Raitano, Star of syndicated TV show, V.I.P.

Casey (photos below): ONE endermologie treatment weekly for two months added to his workout and diet lifestyle changes - amazing results!

Pamela is more than her profession. She truly works with you and supports you with the follow-through in helping you stick with the program. Insisting you eat correctly, drink the right amount of water, and exercise regularly. Pamela is kind, funny, professional, very generous and nurturing.

Endermologie has changed my life. It has made me more comfortable with my body, more confident in a swimsuit and given my skin a smoother and more rejuvenated texture. The results are not only physical though. Endermologie helps relax you by working untapped muscles and for me personally, has assisted with my insomnia. It's like getting a full body massage.
-Katherine Imglezakes, Actress

I am genetically predisposed to have big upper arms.  No matter how often I worked out or watched what I ate, I always retained water in this thin layer of fat right below my skin, which hid those muscles I worked so hard for!  Pamela and endermologie were my saviors.  Without changing my diet and exercise routine, I started noticing the water/fat layer disappearing after only a few treatments with Pamela. Pamela's extensive knowledge of endermologie techniques and her generous sharing of how to live a healthy lifestyle really made the difference.  Thanks to Pamela and endermologie, the contours of my arm muscles are finally starting to appear.  An added bonus of endermologie, too, was the unexpected skin softening and lymphatic cleanse from the treatments.  The massaging techniques get rid of all the toxins that are naturally stored in fat cells.  You can really feel all the garbage leaving your system after each treatment.  I'd highly recommend endermologie with Pamela to anyone who wants to look and feel great.
-Grayce Wey - actress/martial artist

Thank Goodness for Pamela and Endermologie.  Pamela makes things very easy for us models/actresses.  It's simple, drink enough water and watch your salt intake.  It's that simple.  Because of endermologie and my new way of eating I have no worries of water retention, cellulite, or not looking just right in that extra teeny weeny bikini.  I have to honestly say that Pamela and Endermologie combined have changed my body, for the better!!
-Sebastiana, Model

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