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My name is Daniela Rodriguez, I am 47 hrs old, C.E.O of a fulfillment Corp.

Being a former Mrs. Uruguay and model, I always had to take care of my body
24-7. Drinking lots of water, exercising, eating the right food etc.
As I got older many changes occurred and I was not liking what I was seeing, I
decided among other things to do some research about endermologie.

About 7 hrs ago I started doing endermologie treatments, and the results were
As we get older, our bodies starts changing, and we start noticing many flows
overnight, not to mentioned that we women have a habit of criticizing our bodies
above and beyond of what we should.

I started back with my endermologie treatments about a month and a half ago with
a very fine and amazing endermologie technician Pamela Lee. She was highly
recommended to me, and I must say... I was very skeptical at first, not because
of the endermologie treatments, I was concern with the technician who was going
to be performing the treatments.

I firmly believe that this treatment in order to be successful and see results;
is a combination of the type of machine being used, the technician and the
patient. If the technician does not know how to do his or her job, and the
patient does not follow instructions, then you are not going to get the results
you are expecting.

Mrs. Pamela Lee is AMAZING!!! Not only does she know how to treat the problem
areas, but she guides you through the treatments, making sure you drink plenty
of water and you follow a healthy diet.

After 6 treatments, the results are wonderful specially in my problem areas.
Pamela I can't thank you enough!!!. Thank you for making my body look the way it
does. Not only are you a wonderful person, but for me as a Tech, you are a

Girls, don't forget to drink plenty of water, exercise and eat right, the
technician and the endermologie machine by themselves can not perform miracles,
but if you help yourself during and after the treatments you will see amazing
results to your body.

Pamela, please feel free to correct anything with this statement, I am not great
with words, but this came directly from the bottom of my heart.

Endermologie has improved my appearance in the following ways:
The actual appearance of my skin has improved tremendously. Endermologie flushes any toxins or impurities out of your system, in turn, clearing any blemishes or acne! The smooth texture of my skin, especially in the thigh and hip area, has shown a dramatic difference. The diet, which mainly consists of low salt intake, in addition to the Endermologie treatments, removed abnormal water weight within the first three visits! I have gone down 3 sizes! Endermologie is a way to improve your appearance and discover how you really should look and feel!
-D. Douglas

I absolutely love endermologie with Pamela. My skin is so soft and smooth when I'm done with my treatment. Pamela has taught me a lot about sodium and how important drinking water is! I'm so addicted to endermologie and I look forward to every treatment with her.
- Melissa

I cannot believe the amazing results that I have gotten from Endermologie. It has assisted me in losing inches on both my thighs and hips. It also has improved the texture of my skin and reduced cellulite. In addition to the treatments, Pamela Lee has the expertise to assist her clients in learning how to make healthier food choices for weight reduction. Everyone should try this technique if they want incredible results.
- Dianne

After completing my prescribed amount of treatment with Pamela and reaching my goals, I find that I have been able to maintain my results by watching my intake of foods, drinking lots of water and doing exercise on a regular basis. Pamela is very knowledgeable about the human body and what it takes for us women to achieve and maintain that muscle smoothness, beautiful skin texture and the ability to keep those undesirable inches off.

The beginning of Pamela’s program is spent educating you about your body and what it requires to keep it beautiful. She has endless patience and will work with you unselfishly until you reach your goal.
I love the fact that she makes me feel that I’m her only client – Pamela gets results because she cares.
- Cleo

I’ve always had a pretty healthy diet, kept on a moderate exercise routine and thanked God every day for what I considered to be a great metabolism … and then I turned 50 …
I was then introduced to the wonderful world of fluid retention, hormone fluctuations and cellulite. I thought the aging process had won.

Then I met Pamela Lee, an expert in the field of Endermologie, and learned how I could improve the appearance of all the important areas of my body (stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, etc). I started treatments twice a week with Pamela, followed her nutritional program, and within 3-4 weeks I began to see amazing results.

Pamela and Endermologie have given me back my sense of self-esteem and pride in the way I look. She keeps me motivated to keep drinking my water every day, while maintaining a low sodium, low fat diet. The combination of the treatments and the new change of lifestyle are the keys to a beautiful, healthy body.
Thanks to her commitment, I feel great! Of course, Endermologie is only as good as the person performing it, and I believe Pamela Lee is the best there is!
- Susan

I am a new patient and have only had 2 treatments so far, but when I was asked if I’d like to give a testimonial, I jumped at the chance because this has gone so far above and beyond a “beauty treatment” for me! I sought out a technician originally to reduce my cellulite. What I’ve gotten so far is so much more! Pamela is a great person and not only delivers the treatments in a supportive, comfortable environment—she also coaches you on lifestyle changes that are completely do-able, but also have a great impact!

I’ve always suffered with major water retention and in recent years, I’ve developed cellulite. When some women say they gain 3-5 lbs in water because of PMS I laugh – I gain 9 – 10 every month! After only two treatments, I feel a HUGE difference! My skin is softer and I feel lighter—and healthier in general. I’ve also cut down my sodium and upped my water intake per Pamela’s advice and encouragement. I just took my “pre” pictures, but am looking forward to cellulite reduction through continuing my program with Pamela and cannot recommend her highly enough.

UPDATE (12 treatments later):
Hi! It's me again and I just wanted to THANK Pamela! I've had 12 treatments in all now and I really look and feel better!). My skin is smoother, firmer and I feel leaner. MY PMS weight gain has been greatly reduced and I feel great. THANKS PAMELA!!!!
- Heather

I met Pamela Lee when I was 14 years old. For years she has been able to watch my body change and grow. Last year when I turned 27, I took a good look at myself in the mirror, and saw a body staring back at me that was changing shape, but not in the direction I had hoped for. I called Pamela and we got together and talked about the benefits of Endermologie for someone my age, and I decided to give it a try.
Pamela gave me all kinds of suggestions on what I should be eating, and more importantly, what I should not be eating. She also explained to me the importance of drinking lots and lots of water, and following a low sodium diet.

I am extremely happy with the results I’ve gotten from Pamela and the Endermologie treatments. I believe even someone my age gets a great benefit from this. I’m starting out on a better track to a healthier life.
Pamela Lee is an amazing woman, a great role model and my second mom!
- Jennifer

A few years ago I was determined to change my body and went on a strict diet. I lost a great deal of weight. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the results I had hoped for. I had cellulite, and lack of smoothness in my rear end and thighs that bothered me. I was not willing to consider cosmetic surgery, so last spring I went on the Internet to search for other options. I read about endermologie and was intrigued. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for. I was concerned that it sounded too good to be true. I decided to check out two technicians. I was lucky enough to have chosen Pamela Lee as one of them. The fist technician was encouraging and promised me spectacular results. I had a trial treatment but left the office skeptical.
Then I went to see Pamela Lee. She explained the process and was encouraging, but conservative in her promises. She thought we could get good results if I was willing to work on some additional dietary changes. I felt I left her office with a much better understanding of how endermologie works and what my part in the process would be. I didn't feel that I had been promised a magic potion, as we all know they don't exist. My time with Pamela made me sure she was the right technician for me. I started my treatments with her and followed her guidelines as far as lowering my sodium intake. My results are amazing. This summer I will be wearing a bathing suit and feeling good about it for the first time in years. I am convinced that my great results are due to Pamela's positive attitude and support, as much as her technical expertise. Pamela Lee and endermologie have changed my life!
-Client #2 (click for pictures)

I have wanted to get Endermologie for the longest time because I kept gaining weight and my body felt swollen. I couldn't figure it out, since I was exercising and eating healthy foods. I finally went to see Pamela and she listened closely to what I'd been experiencing. She suggested I go see a gynecologist immediately and refused to do a treatment on me until I did. I took her advice and saw the doctors and was shocked to find out that I had an ovarian tumor, which apparently had been there for years. Anyone else would've just taken my money and done a treatment, but not Pamela. I want to thank her for saving my life. Now I am well and getting my treatments from her, and I'm getting great results! Thanks so much Pamela, you are the best and are beautiful inside and out!

No matter how much I diet and exercise, I was never able to get rid of those unsightly dimples on my thighs and buttocks. A little cellulite can make or break you when competing in a pageant – especially when the judges are evaluating your every curve in a swimsuit under harsh theatre lights! In order to win the crown, you have to look and feel your best and Endermologie does just that. It’s the one missing component to a healthy diet and exercise routine. I am so lucky to have found Pamela and Endermologie. I have tried so many of the different "beauty pageant" tricks to eliminate cellulite - such as wrapping myself in cellophane or using a rolling pin to "smooth" out the skin. But Endermologie is the only method that actually works - especially when you listen to Pamela and drink your water and stay away from the sodium!

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