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There was a time that I thought I was at the top of the world and my body was at its best it can be. I was Miss NJ and Mrs. California USA, traveled the world and I thought I had a great marriage with 3 fabulous children. I was never afraid to wear a bikini or sexy cloths in public and I was in the best shape I was ever in.

Until one day, you wake-up and everything falls apart and there was nothing you can do about it. I just froze and lost Deborah, but I still had my 3 fantastic children. But starting my life all over again scared the hell out of me, I couldn't move, fell into a depression, and I didn't like myself, I let myself go.

To pull myself out of it, I would diet, exercise, diet and more exercise, try to eat right and looking for that support system. I had friends try to reach out to me and help me pull my self together and get me out of that darn funk. I was at the point trying to sleep up side down to fight gravity.

Until I met Pamela Lee, I had never heard of endermologie. Pamela taught me how important it is to carefully read labels of your food and drinks. Most of all keeping away from the sodium and drink the right amount of water through out the day. Before, during your exercising and including endermologie in your routine.

Pamela is very professional, nurturing, and very inspirational and she encourages me to be more comfortable with my body again. I am amazed by following Pamela’s rules, guidelines and being a fabulous mentor. How my body have change, but most important, how I think and feel about myself again.

My results are amazing. My skin looks and feels young, smooth, and the texture (sexy) and firm. I love the results. I feel myself again THANKS TO PAMELA.

I am not afraid to look in the mirror naked anymore and I am back into my bikini and sexy cloths. Look out world I am ready to come out and go for my goals. Thank you Pamela!



Last summer I decided to have lipo to my inner and outer thighs, as they were a tad bit more than bootylicious. After the lip my thighs were looking a little on the lumpy side, and due to the procedure I developed scar tissue. I had heard of Endermologie and decided to give it a try. I noticed a difference right away after only having one treatment. Pamela was most helpful; she was my mentor, dietician, and counselor all rolled into one. She told me to cut back on my salt intake, drink more water, and offered a great book with all sorts of healthy goodies that would help get rid my legs of cellulite as well as slim down. Needless to say, with Pamela’s recommendations, as well as Endermologie, I was well on my way to a bikini figure, and last year I rocked several bikinis.
Thanks Pamela!!!
Kimberly Stuart

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