Post-Surgical Program

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BCP's Post-Surgical Treatment Program:
Recommended by Leading Plastic Surgeons

Many renown plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles recommend Body Care Professionals' Post-Surgical Treatment Program to their patients after body or breast procedures to help their patients heal as quickly as possible, and enjoy their surgical results sooner. Just a few of the surgeons using Body Care Professionals for the post-surgical program are:
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen
Dr. Daniel Yamini
Dr. Steven Svehlak
Dr. Babak Dadvand
Dr. Jeffrey Hoefflin

More and more plastic surgeons are finding that Endermologie® is an effective post-surgical tool to optimize their patients' surgical results, including breast enhancement, liposuction and tummy tucks. Endermologie helps to smooth the skin and reduce the swelling and bruising that occurs during the healing process. Post-Surgical Before and After photos illustrate how endermologie speeds healing, smoothes out irregularities and rapidly reduces bruising and swelling.

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For Patients:

Have you had liposuction, breast surgery or a tummy tuck?
Is your body swollen?
Are their bumps, lumps and irregularities?
Have you ever felt,"why did I have this surgery done? I still feel so big!" or
"One day I think I look great," then the next day "Now I feel so swollen!"
If so, you are not alone, and we can help you look and feel better.
Post-liposuction treatments by Body Care Professionals will:
Smooth out the irregularity in your skin after your liposuction.
Bring down the swelling and bruising much faster.
Contour the rest of the body that did not have surgery.

What Body Care Professional's Post-Lipo Treatment Program patients are saying...

"...My endermologie treatments were necesary after my liposuction procedure to smooth out any bumps that may appear and reduce any water retention..."

"...I encourage anyone interested in seeing faster results after their liposuction procedure to definitely utilize endermologie treatments..."

"...Endermologie treatments are the best after care you can do for yourself. I have friends who did not follow up with this treatment and they are not happy with their liposuction treatments..."

"...endermologie is the best possible post-lipo tool taht can aesthetically assist the patient...My only regret is that my doctor didn't tell me about it until 2-3 weeks post-op... it would have made life so much better since endermologie would have reduced the swelling and water retention [sooner]..."

The results of Body Care Professional's Post-Lipo treatments have been outstanding. Pamela's experience as a practiced Endermologie® Technician and as a devoted patient of Endermologie® has allowed her to see, from both sides, the remarkable positive effects of the treatment leading to dramatic changes in human lives.

"In my practice, I continue to see that Endermologie® significantly enhances successful results by increasing circulation, allowing connective tissue to be softened and assisting the body in its elimination of built-up toxins and medications from the system. The doctors find that the effect of liposuction is magnified and pronounced with the added value of Endermologie®. A special individualized approach to help motivate patients and help them learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle is also a vital part of what will make a surgical change, as well as an enduring and satisfying one.” -- Pamela Lee

View the excerpt from "The Key to Long-Term Success in Liposuction: A Guide for Plastic Surgeons and Patients" from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (Dec 2004 issue). It describes the four factors that play the biggest role in successfully maintaining liposuction results.