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What a difference Pamela Lee made. I was introduced to Pamela the morning after my liposuction surgery. Pamela took the time to really explain the benefits of endermologie for post–op patients. I was so impressed with her knowledge and how much she genuinely cared about my recovery that I decided to give it a try. I was hooked after my first treatment. Not only is endermologie extremely soothing and relaxing but my body shape changed after every treatment. I could see the results after each treatment. The swelling from my surgery was greatly reduced after each treatment. Pamela also coached me during every treatment about eating right and drinking enough water. She gave me really easy meal ideas and taught me how to eat the right foods and really watch my salt intake. I can honestly say that Pamela has changed my life. I’ve referred her to my family members and my friends. Endermologie really works.
-Post-lipo patient, Carolyn

Hello Pamela,
You are so sweet, giving and honest-- thank you for that. All of your advice has paid off. You said I would love liposuction and I do.. thanks to the doctor. I looked and felt so great after lipo that I thought, "this is truly a miracle," and it is, however, as you pointed out-- you must strive to maintain that miracle. I am wearing size 6 pants and they are fitting loose-- what a great feeling!
-Post-lipo patient, Cleo

Dear Pamela,
I can only rave about the success my liposuction procedure has been as a result of my after care with endermologie treatments. This treatment enhanced my liposuction procedure by decreasing the after surgery swelling and helped stimulate the designated area so that it would heal faster. My endermologie treatments were necesary after my liposuction procedure to smooth out any bumps that may appear and reduce any water retention. I encourage anyone interested in seeing faster results after their liposuction procedure to definitely utilize endermologie treatments. Endermologie treatments are the best after care you can do for yourself. I have friends who did not follow up with this treatment and they are not happy with their liposuction treatments.
-Post-lipo patient, Theresa

Dearest Pamela,
I just want to say thank you so much. You have been the most sincere and generous person I have ever met. I would like to thank Dr. Yamini for introducing you to me. Three weeks post-surgery visit I felt a little depressed. The body I saw after the surgery and the one I had three weeks later was not the same. Thanks to you, all the information and knowledge you've given me and all your encouragement. I understood the process and my state of mindafter liposuction. I just wish I met you sooner!
Immediately after my first treatment, most of the swelling went away. The tenderness in the treated area was almost all gone, and almost all the bruising went away. I have now changed my diet using a lot of the products from your book. My husband, brother and sister read your book, which by the way now sites on my coffee table. Everyone in my family is talking about my healthy meals. Now they are all copying it and losing weight. I look foward to every treatment with you.
- Post-lipo patient, Rose

Testimonials on Cellulite & Countouring Program, Page 1 2 3 4
Testimonials on Post-Lipo Program, Page 1